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Below are a selection of links to help all you students into the university life! Buy your text books, a new telephone or simply obtain some more information on your future university...we've got all the links you require.

In Association with

In Association with the link to a wide range of books, CD's and much more ready for university.


Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.  Visit this site for full listings of over 350 universities and colleges within the UK.  This site lists all courses available through UCAS together with entry requirements.  A real must for anyone entering into Uni!!

British Council

Visit your British Council in your home country through this site.  This page gives you all the countries and all the addresses required.  Essential information for overseas students!


Covering the networks, O2, T-Mobile, Vodaphone and Orange, special deals for students!

Karibuni - Discover the UK Small group adventure and discovery tours - an ideal way to see what Britain has to offer...excellent for both UK and Overseas students!
Air2000 - Book flights direct Air 2000 - Ideal for booking flights either for the end of term or just for a summer break.
Coventry University

This is the official site of Coventry University, where the founder of Uni-Essentials studied.

The contains thousands of assignments, presentations and sets of notes to help you with your studies.
Comet - Electrical goods Don't start uni without a new stereo!...or perhaps make sure you've got a kettle and iron. Buy all your electrical equipment on-line.

Watch this space for more great links to your favourite Student Sites!

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